• The first whistle swimmers will hear will be 3 short blasts followed by a long whistle. The referee will stretch out their arm. That signal means the swimmers are under the starter's control.
  • The starter will than whistle for the swimmers to step on to the block.
  • Swimmers will then be give the command “take your marks”
  • At this point the swimmers must stay perfectly still on the blocks, any movement will lead to disqualification.
  • Swimmers than must listen for the start signal – whistle - take your marks – beep
  • At the end of the race swimmers must stay in the water until they are told to clear the water.


  • Over short distances 50m or less, swimmers should limit their breathing.
  • Swimmers should not breathe off the start.
  • Swimmers should not breathe into the wall on the finish.
  • Swimmers should increase the tempo of their arms.


  • Swimmers must touch with two hands on turns or finishes
  • If swimmers do not want to do a BR push and glide underwater they must do nothing but a push and glide or dive.
  • A BR push and glide consists of the following
  • One fly kick - One BR pull – one BR kick only


  • All swimmers must be silent at the start of the race
  • Swimmers must never walk past the starter at the beginning or end of a race.
  • All swimmers must be wear FINA approved racing costumes – two strapped goggles are recommended.
  • Swimmers need to pack and prepare their own swimming bags.
  • Warm club clothing.
  • Spare kit is very important at gala
  • Focusing on the block is very important, listen to start instructions carefully.
  • Have fun and do your best.

Club Kit

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