• It is most important to keep your muscles warm during the Gala, prior to swims. So, after your warm-up swim and competition swims CHANGE INTO A DRY COSTUME. Don’t wander around all night in a wet one getting your muscles into a state of tension. Look after yourself by wearing a tracksuit or something similar. You should aim to keep the big muscles in your legs warm and dry.

  • MAD swimming hats and/or swimsuits should be worn when swimming for the club. These can be purchased from the swim shop at the ARC. Club ‘T’ shirts should also be worn on poolside when representing your club.

  • During the day, light snack-type meals are best as they are easily digested and you will feel more comfortable. A big binge on steak and chips is to celebrate a good swim – AFTER and NOT before competition.

  • Don’t eat sweets and crisps on poolside. This is asking for trouble.

  • Do what suits you during the Gala, between swims. Maybe read, or chat or listen to a tape or ask your coach’s advice.

  • Don’t sit in the same position for several minutes. Keep moving about, keep flexible. Perhaps a few stretching exercises – your coach will help if you don’t know any.

  • Encourage your team-mates. Everybody performs better with people behind them shouting them on, but do remember to be quiet for the start of the races.

  • Before and after each race talk to your coach for advice on how to swim the race and then for feedback on how you swam and more importantly how to improve.

Club Kit

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