Watch our backstroke turn video here featuring our very own Matthew Barrett.

  • Approach the wall at speed
  • The flags are always 5m away from the wall
  • Count your strokes and judge your speed
  • Turn one stroke out from the wall, by rolling onto the arm that has just completed the last backstroke arm
  • Do one frontcrawl pull to get you to the wall, the speed and length of this stroke will vary upon your distance to the wall, but it must be one continuous movement pattern.
  • Push off on your back and stay on your back
  • Streamline under water, fly into back kick – pull into the transition as you break the surface of the water.
  • Don’t panic is you’re too far away, keep the turn moving and lengthen the fc arm stroke.
  • Matthew B below is showing the fluent movement in and out of a backstroke turn.
  • Practice practice practice.

Club Kit

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