If you are swimming at galas there are a few points you may wish to make a note of.

    • Please check the notice board at the Lido every time you are at the swimming pool. Team lists and any changes are on view there and can be noted.

    • If you are at an AWAY GALA, and a bus is available make sure that you arrive at the bus in good time. (Buses usually leave from outside the Lido NB depending on the distance, bus fares may be charged). Take a packed tea to eat after you swim. If traveling under your own steam make sure you get directions to the venue.

    • HOME GALAS – turn up on time for the Gala – at least 1/2 hour before the gala is due to start.

    • If you cannot make it, cross your name off the team list at least one week before the gala is due to take place (earlier if possible as this enables the selectors to find a replacement and prevents swimmers being asked to swim the day before a gala. On the day of a gala in the case of an emergency telephone a selector or Team Manager, DON’T JUST NOT TURN UP – you’ll be letting the team down.

    • The 15 – 30 minutes before the gala starts is to practice starts, turns etc - don’t forget to count the number of armstrokes needed after the flags if you are likely to swim backstroke.

    • When you arrive at the gala, report to the team manager/team stewards (who you will recognise wearing MAD ‘T’ Shirts and worried expressions). This helps them, as anyone not turning up will need to be replaced. They can tell you what events you will be swimming.

  • Sweets on the poolside are bad for you, but a non-fizzy drink is a good idea – glass bottles are not permitted on poolside. Most swimmers use cycle bottles.