Novice Gala, Matlock, 21st March 2020 - Now Cancelled

Please check to see if you are selected and then tick your name on the list on the noticeboard downstairs at the ARC.

Gala Skills Session for TP3/4 and Dev 1

If you've never been to a gala before we are doing a Gala Skills Session to learn about the rules and what to expect when you go for your race.  Here's the details:

8th March

We are inviting all TP4 swimmers and any TP3 swimmers who have been selected for the gala on the 21st March to a extra session at the ARC. This is to give them the opportunity to do a gala specific session. The session will be 4.45-5.15. Development 1 will also be involved within this session.

It will be a simplistic version of what was covered at Bakewell a few weeks ago. See details covered in that session here.

At 5.15 development 1 swimmers will continue their normal training. 

Note: This is ONLY for those swimming in that gala

Other Development 1 swimmers will have their normal session.

Coaching Staff

Extra Reading for Racing

The following information can always be found on this website under the "Technical Information" tab.

Gala Equipment List

The first thing you need to know is what to bring: Equipment List

Preparing for Racing

Ensuring your body is in the right condition to race is important so the following articles can help for gala preparation and for choosing what to eat, before and during the gala.

Perparing to race

Eating the right things to be a top athlete

Gala Tips and Skills

Here's some tips for what to think about when racing.

Tips for Galas and Racing


Getting disqualified.  It can be very upsetting when we get disqualified.  If it happens, first of all you musn't worry too much about it, try to learn from the experience and try to correct the reason for the disqualification next time you do that race or stroke. 

If you do get disqualified and you don't understand the reason ask a coach. If you want to read common reasons for getting disqualified, we've got a checklist here.  One other thing, just remember, there probably isn't a single swimmer in the competitive swimming world who has never been disqualified.

Reasons for disqualification