Derbyshire County Champs 2020 15/16 Feb - week 1 - Girls

Derbyshire County Champs 2020 15/16 Feb - week 1 - Boys

No report can justify how good this weekend has been, personal best times, club records, podium positions, regional times and joy! The younger swimmers all did great swims, the teenage girls had the classic highs and lows and the boys were consistent all week. There is one story that needs telling.

The roof went off when Tom Burch did the 100m fc – in the heats he gained a personal best time, he then had to do a swim off for the final as Tom and another lad had the same time so they had to swim against each other to make the final. Tom being Tom, strolled on the poolside very relaxed and a little annoyed he had to postpone his lunch break. While Tom was casually making his way up to the block, where the other Long Eaton swimmer was clearly preparing for the swim off. Tom shook his hand and snapped into race mode. Back to back the swimmers were on the block – Tom did his “classic Burch style start” stood tall on the block looked forward with confidence and the two swimmers battled against each other on all 4 lengths it was nail biting exciting and stunning to watch. They both hit the same time in the swim off – a point blank draw again in a time of 55.61. 100m Fc hurts, both boys clearly didn’t want to race again and, then do the final too. They settled for the game "rock / paper / scissors" for the place in the final. Tom managed to win this technical game, we always win the best things at Matlock. However Tom decided to give the final place to the Long Eaton swimmer, Tom said I have PB'd two times in one day, i'm happy you swim it. Torn weather we were a little annoyed he had given up his chance to swim or really proud of his sportsmanship we weren’t too sure at first. But as we thought about his gesture it was the nicest thing Tom could do. Tom had pushed himself to his limit and he was happy and he had nothing to prove to anyone, he had hit the target of 55 given to him by Gary at the beginning of the year, he had swam well, achieved what he wanted to do, two personal best times in less than 30mins and he was content with himself. He could see how much the other lad wanted to do it and he gave someone else the opportunity, he didn’t give it away, what he did was give someone else a chance making everyone happy, swimming isn’t about positions, what does it really matter 8th or 9th if he was lucky maybe he could have made it a 7th but the truth was the position was irrelevant, unimportant it simply was a number on a bit of paper. He had fun, pushed his limits, felt sick, couldn’t breathe and did Matlock more than proud. The audience stood and cheered with admiration, Matlock was getting recognised and Matlock made history today.  

The moral of this story is don’t feel pressured, just do your best, swim for yourself and swim for life. 

Congratulation to Toby Marshall, Brandon Hotham and Tom on regional qualification times.

Outstanding swimming from Max Marshall who was an absolute mini machine this weekend.