This year we are going to develop new Club Records. Club Records are a database of all the fastest ever times achieved from a Matlock swimmer within each age category and each event. All coaches have been pushing to get the Club records back up and running for a long time, we have attempted on several occasions but found it hard to ensure they are accurate. Therefore we are starting from scratch. No times will count as club records if they were achieved before the 15th November 2019. We feel this is the fairest way to restart the records accurately. Therefore at the club champs every event and in every age category has the potential to start the records rolling.

The aim of the records is to inspire swimmers, increase in house competition, help build swimmers drive to chase goals and to get their name in the history book so to speak. Between now and the 1st January 2020, we will keep the record up to date with out you prompting us a record has been broken. After this date if you think you have a record, you must hand in a record slip which will be downloadable off the website and fill in the details accurately within a 3 month period of you gaining the time for it to be valid. The times must be done at a gala with officials and proof of results will need to be shown, no training times can be counted.  The record claiming system is standard procedure, from national level to club level. It isn’t the clubs responsibility to check if you have achieved the record, we are just here to validate it for you. If you don’t tell us, your record will not stand.

Club records are a big job, but we are determined to get them back up and running but please be patient and please kindly let us know if we have made any mistakes, we will have a lot of results to go through following the club champs and Derbyshire sprint championships. Club records will go on the website shortly after the 3rd Club championships sessions.

Combined ages are 7-8 years and 16-20years. Swimmers over the age of 20 years will use National rankings and will not be included in the club records. We are aiming this at the children that compete regularly. There will be records for short course and long course events.